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LATE FEE of $20. Starts August 15th. - Why the late fee? We order uniforms on August 16th. Those not registered by then incur an extra fee for expedited shipping to get uniforms on time.

Depending on the number of volunteers will directly impact the number of teams so please volunteer to be a coach, assistant coach, or just a plain helper.

We are awaiting confirmation on fields, field space, and other details so we can confirm the number of teams, etc.

This year the schedule may change slightly if we need more fields.

Typically we will play every Saturday and Monday throughout the season - We may add another practice day if needed

Times may change throughout the season. Typically we have used the below schedule - See below.

D3 - Grades 1-3 Start at 5pm

D2 - Grades 4-5 Start at 6pm

D3 - Grades 6-8 Start at 7pm.

We will use the first Saturday - as a practice day - not a game as it is listed on the schedule

We will start the week after Labor Day - September 8th or 9th.

NOTE - You can now use the very fancy website to see the schedule - It will have games only.

Here are 2 guides to using the website - please use it - we pay for it.

For Players and Parents

For coaches

Coaches can add practices times to the website but use this rule.

You will practice on the field of your next game - For example - if your next game is on field 1 - Your Monday practice before the game will be field 1.

We have 3 Game fields and one practice field. Each week  2  teams in the D1 and D2 division will have to be on the practice field. This is the field straight in - and is not a regulation field. It is not as nice but will work. 

On game days (Saturdays) Those teams on the Practice field will not have a game, but can choose to practice or possibly scrimmage or take the weekend off. Up to your coach.

ROSTERS ARE NOW VIEWABLE - You can log onto the site to see what team you are on.

You should have just received an email on how to access. Look for it.

You can also log onto the website and goto the team home page.


- We plat at POTTSY FIELD  - on West main road - Practices will start on the top of each hour. We will conclude practice at roughly quarter to each hour (45 minute practice and games) so that we can get the traffic flow in and out for parents without causing a bunch of issues.

- The very fancy website automatically does the rosters. I am hoping that teams are pretty equal. If not we may have to make some adjustments - please be flexible.

- We do not track results or stats - this is a community, friendly league for fun. Sportsmanship is paramount. 

- All coaches are volunteers and do their best. They may need help - Please offer to help - be an assistant -etc.....

- Reminder tomorrow is a practice - coaches can come a few minutes early to get equipment and uniforms.

- The commissioner will not be on site tomorrow - but will be there Monday - we will have another volunteer directing traffic and helping - 

- RULES - Rules are here at the link below and will be modified a bit for age groups - for example, is DIII Coaches are the quarterbacks. Next Saturday we will have referees go over rules for each age group. Yes we have certified officials.

YOU MUST HAVE A MOUTH GUARD - They wil lhave them on sale tomorrow - the cheap ones for $5. You can buy one tomorrow or get one on your own.




Field 1 is furthest away from the entrance - Top left as you walk into the baseball area.

Field 2 is top right as you walk into the baseball area.

Field 3 is to the right as you walk into the baseball area.

Scrimmage field is straight in past basketball courts.

Thanks and have a great season.